Dancing to lose weight – Does dancing to lose weight help?

  • pinit preview none Dancing to lose weight   Does dancing to lose weight help?

Dancing to lose weight

Dancing to lose weight Dancing to lose weight   Does dancing to lose weight help?

Dancing to lose weight

Can dancing to lose weight really solve your weight problem? Read this article to find out!!. Are you someone who is trying to lose weight and can’t do so because weight loss plans don’t really work for you?  Or are you just someone who is looking for a fun and effective way to shed some extra pounds.  Well which ever you are you’re on the right page, because here you will learn the secrets and benefits of dancing to lose weight. Dancing is not only something you can do at a party or at home but it is rather a terrific exercise to help you lose weight.

Dancing to lose weight can be done at home, at a studio, outdoors, a gym or even a party. It can be done in the night or the day; it’s all up to you. All that matters is that you are moving.  Also anyone can dance, children, adults both males and females and even seniors.  It is really an exercise that anyone can enjoy.

Dancing to lose weight is the most fun workout anyone can try when trying to lose weight; many people who practice regularly love it. Well you might be saying I can’t dance, the truth is ANYONE CAN DANCE.  All you need is to learn a routine and add some music that coordinates with the steps.  Sounds complicated right? Well it’s not, you just have to get moving and dance to the beat of the music; something many of us know and take for granted.  Imagine doing something you enjoy and losing weight in the process.  A person who dances the right way regularly can manage to lose weight and keep a fit and attractive body.  So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to see how dancing to lose weight can help you lose those extra pounds that you have been dying to get rid of for years.

There are various types of dances that can aid you when trying to lose weight.  Whether you are in to country, Latin, ballroom or free style dancing, you will lose weight if it is done right. Dancing to lose weight is very good for the heart; it raises your heart rate.  Dancing also tightens your muscles and tones various parts of the body.  The best part of dancing to lose weight is that you don’t have to spend hours doing it; just half an hour and you will burn lots of calories.  So if you are ready to get in shape by dancing read on to see some of the top dances that will help you to lose weight fast.

Health Benefits with Dancing To Lose Weight

Dancing to lose weight is very healthy; it helps to improve many health problems.  Dancing regularly will slower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol.  It can also improve circulation, lung performance and flexibility.  Above all dancing will have you losing weight and feeling stress free.  Dancing will have you feeling physically and mentally better.  Let the dancing begin!

Dancing to lose weight : Dance Routines to Lose WeightDancing to lose weight2 Dancing to lose weight   Does dancing to lose weight help?

The best advice I can give you about dancing to lose weight is to choose a routine that you will enjoy.  If you don’t like what you are doing, chances are you won’t stick to it.  It is also important to choose a style of dance that is right for you.  Certain dances are more challenging and require more time while other are less strenuous.  Chose a style that is right for your goal and lifestyle. When choosing a routine be certain that it is 20 minutes or more.  You will need to practice it daily. No matter the dance you choose, just make sure that you are moving and having fun.

The American Council on Exercise, health and fitness had published a research that states that dancing to lose weight is an ever expanding form of weight loss; more people are choosing dancing as their weight loss program.  One single hour of dancing can have you losing anywhere from 200 to 400 calories- the same amount you can burn while walking or swimming.

Dancing is enjoyed by many people, so why not do it to shed a few pounds.  Dancing to lose weight surely beats going to the gym and having to pay a membership fee.  You may choose to take dance classes however it’s not necessary.  All you need to do is buy a dance workout DVD and practice regularly.  The best part of dancing to lose weight is that it’s inexpensive, fun and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Dance Routines to Lose Weight

Choosing the correct dance routine to lose weight is essential for dancing to lose weight to work.  The key is to select something that you are interested in.  If you like Latin dances like salsa then join a Latin dance class or buy a Latin dance DVD.  If you enjoy slow and rhythmic movement then try ballet dancing.  If you like fast pace movements then try hip- hop dancing either at a studio or at home.  Some people choose to take dance classes because it provides the opportunity to socialize with people who may have the same goals as you.  However you can dance in your own home and get similar results.  All you need is a routine and some music and you will be on your way to lose weight.

Like any other exercises dancing to lose weight requires you to a warm up/cool down before and after the routine, it should be around 7-10 minutes.  It is very important to stretch before and after your workout as it prevents injuries while working out.  Wearing comfortable shoes is also important; it will help you in maximizing your movements.  Again the key is choosing a routine that you will enjoy.  Here are a few popular routines to help you in dancing to lose weight.

Salsa dancing: Salsa is a Latin dance form; it is fun and will help you burn a lot of calories.  Salsa helps to tone the body well because of all of the intricate movements.  It is one of the best dance routines to help you lose weight fast.

Hip hop dance: If you enjoy hip hop music and dancing then hip hop dancing is for you.  You will learn some great routines that are fun and trendy.

Aerobic Dance: You will find this type of dancing at many gyms; however you can also get many routines on DVD.  This type of dance is especially used to target weight loss.

Belly dancing: If you want to have a body like Shakira, then this is the workout that will help have that sexy abs.  This is a great work out that will leave you toned and trimmed.

Ballroom Dancing: The tango, cha cha and jive are all ballroom dances.  They will keep you moving and losing a lot of calories.

Dancing to lose weight : Benefits of Dance RoutinesDancing to lose weight Dancing to lose weight   Does dancing to lose weight help?

Dancing to lose weight has a lot of health benefits.  It will keep you in shape physically and mentally.  Did you know that dancing is a form a therapy? If not here are a few more reasons why you should make dance a part of your life.

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  You don’t need special clothes, equipments or music.  All you need is some comfortable clothes and shoes, music with some beat and you are ready.
  • Dancing regularly will guarantee weight loss. You will also achieve a tone and healthy body.
  • Dancing improves flexibility and will make you stronger.
  • Dancing is good for the mind and body. You will lose weight and feel better about yourself.  Dancing can be a great way to relieve stress.
  • Dancing is fun.  Don’t worry about being perfect of not doing the move perfectly, just sing, jump, move and have fun.

So now that you have seen how dancing is good for you, what are you waiting for?  Go put some music on and begin dancing to losing weight now!